Spectra of Nova in Centaurus

On April 4th 2012 John Search reported a variable object in Centaurus to the CBAT.

It was given the identifier of TCP J14250600-5845360

A special notice was issued by the AAVSO and this brought the new object to my attention. It is a suspected nova but no follow up spectroscopy has been reported by 20th April.

I have recently purchased a LISA spectrograph from Shelyak instruments and decided to attempt to obtain a spectra of this suspected nova. The spectrograph is attached to a vixen VC200L 200mm diameter telescope that is sited at 1100m altitude near Armidale NSW Australia. The camera used is an SBIG ST8XME with 9um pixels. Calibration was performed using Isis software and a neon calibration light.

The first spectrum from the 20th April 2012 is here. It is 5 x 300s frames with a 23um slit R = 645
It was at mag V = 11.5
Spectra fit file.


The 2 separate lines are the same spectrum. The labeled one is just magnified to show the spectral lines. Thank you to Francois Teyssier for assisting in identifying the lines. The pattern certainly looks like a Fe nova.

On 24th April 2012 I was able to take a follow up spectra. It is 11 x 300s exposures also processed in Lisa. R = 665
Spectra fit file.



Below is a synthesized colour image of the spectrum.

The following graph is of the 2 spectra superimposed. There has been a change in the height of the Ha lines but almost no other change.

I have taken a further spectrum of this nova on 4th May 2012. It now has a magnitude V = 13.14  R = 11.1

The spectrum demonstrates further intensifying of the H alpha line despite the overall reduction in magnitude. The [OI]6300 line has strengthened but the [OI]7773 line has reduced in intensity.

Spectra fit file


The following graph is a comparison of the spectra from 24/4/2012 and 4/5/2012

Data from 7/5/2012


Below is an animation made with Isis that has extrapolated the data between 20th April 2012 and 11th May.