PNV J17395600-2447420

A new nova candidate in Ophiuchus reported by John Search via CBAT

I took a spectra of the new star last night 21/5/2012 local time with a LISA spectrograph on a 200mm Vixen VC200L telescope.

The spectrum demonstrates a broad Ha emission line measuring a FWHM of 2570 Km/s

There are FeII lines present and a strong [OI]7773 line.

All consistent with an evolving nova.

Nova Oph 2012 No2

Mag V = 11.18
B = 12.56

23rd May 2012

V = 11.94
B = 13.16

A repeat spectra  has shown intensification of the Ha line and the [OI] 7773 line

The Fe II (42) lines are present but have not become prominent yet.


Christian Buil took a spectra of the same star on 24th about 36 hours after my second spectra.

I have overlaid the 2 spectra below. There is continuing strengthening of the Ha line.


An animation from 21/5/12 through to 26/5/12



Updated 27/5/2012