This supernova is in NGC 7259

It has been identified as a supernova imposter when originally discovered in 2009.

This star is now identified as a supernova SN IIn  according to Mauerhan et al in The Unprecedented Third Outburst of SN 2009ip: A Luminous Blue Variable Becomes a Supernova

I took a spectrum of the SN on 9th October 2012 using a LISA spectrograph on a C11 telescope from Armidale NSW Australia. Resolution R= 700 and 3.6A/pixel

The spectra demonstrates strong hydrogen emission lines with an Ha  FWHM of 550km/sec.
This is much narrower than described by Mauerhan et al. This has also been described elsewhere

The Ha line has been redshifted slightly and measures at 6599.0 A. This is a shift of 36.2 A


mag V= 13.8
B = 13.9

An image from the guide camera

The star field taken with a SBIG ST10XME through a vixen VC200L scope  V filter single 60 sec exp.


I have taken a follow up spectra on 13th October. There has been very little change. There are no P Cygni features developing yet.
Simultaneous photometry measured:

B = 14.05
V = 13.85
R = 13.68
I = 13.67

Spectral file


B = 14.42
V = 14.20
R = 14.00
I = 13.97

The spectra is more noisy due to the reducing magnitude. Absorption feature may be present but are not clear with the level of noise present.




Terry Bohlsen