SN 2013aa

A new supernova found in NGC 5643 in Lupus was discovered by the BOSS team on 13/2/2013

I took a spectra of it on 16/2/2013 using my LISA spectrograph with a resolution of R = 800

It matches a type 1a supernova at maximum very closely. It demonstrates very broad blue shifted Si II absorption lines.


The fit file of the Spectra:

A V filter image with photometry overlays

B = 11.82
V = 11.82
R = 11.65
I = 11.67


The weather has been perpetually cloudy since I took the spectra above. It finally cleared a bit on 5/3/12 and I obtained about 15 minutes of exposure of this SN between passing clouds. It was very windy and the SN was only on the slit for about 50% of the exposure due to the scope being buffeted by the wind. The resulting spectra is very noisy but it does demonstrate progression over the 3 weeks between the exposures.



The SN is now well past its maximum

B = 13.02
V = 12.42
R = 12.36
I = 12.59

The spectra matches a 19 day Type 1a SN

The change is very evident with this double graph.






Terry Bohlsen