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Limousin BREEDPLAN uses software developed by the Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit of NSW Agriculture and the University of New England. Ongoing BREEDPLAN research and development is supported by funding provided by Meat and Livestock Australia.

General Information

· A Guide to Limousin BREEDPLAN

· Understanding Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs)

· A Brief Description of EBVs and $Indexes

· Using EBVs to make comparisons between animals

· Understanding Accuracies

· Using $ Indexes to Assist in Sire Selection

· Heritabilities of traits

· Genetic relationships between traits

· The Growth of Limousin BREEDPLAN

· EBVs for Docility

On-Line Animal/EBV Enquiries (on-line database where you can select animals on criteria (includes all sires, active dams and young animals)

Results of 2004 Limousin Breedplan analysis

· Average EBVs & $Index values for 2002 born calves

· EBV & $Index Percentile bands for 2002 born calves

· Statistics for the 2004 analysis

· Genetic Trends

Link to ABRI BREEDPLAN site (contains Breednotes, Breedplan New)

Link to BREEDOBJECT site (development of customised selection indexes)